A fire aspected Kitsune from Kikai Island of the country of Japan from the planet Earth.
On the colony ship he was just a passenger. He joined to make sure some of his people would make the trip and so he could help look out for a few of his friends that also went onto the ship as colonists to be or crew

Jae had a different name that he sees no particular use for nor cares if it is used since he now sees this as a new life. Seeing how none of his family is present and he has no way back to his original region he has taken on an old Japanese naming method, taking on Jae as his new adult name leaving any family or region naming unnecessary since he now lacks either. The only person left on the ship who have awoken that Jae is aware of who would know anything about his past is his friend and occasional lover Felicity

Learned that Juliette Lemay bears the solar exaltation bonded to his own Lunar Exaltation.
Learned that he bears an Exaltation that previously was a student of or otherwise involved with Last Storm who Jae is now on the side taking the time to learn under as his Sifu.

His motivation, only briefly referenced to the party and then played off as if unimportant is to sleep with every beautiful supernatural or more than mundane woman he comes across. While limited to similar biological shapes as humans and closer related humanoids Jae so far considers spirits and even free will thinking AIs to count. No verdict has been expressed on demons.


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