Exalted First Star to the Left

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Exp 7 Total 120
Done with the Minos sector the group has left Midas in the hands of the eclipse. They have ended their travels in the Cross Roads Expanse.

The day of great derailing

Exp 3. Total 113
We got together. A little bit got done still trying to figure out how to deal with a first age eclipse.

The zenith of Midas

Exp 5 total 110. Met the zenith and the dawn of Midas.

Minos and Midas

Exp 5 total 105
The party went and dealt with the illusionary third circle demon. They went through the rest of the tomb.
Then they rejoined the V’nefe and jumped to Midas. There they heard of a civil war in the sister sector of Minos. Where they found a broken ship Saphire Silver Dream. They also found out that a Lunar was imprissoned by a circle of Solars.

The mouse and the demon

5exp. Total 100
Everyone found the things left behind by Apolo’s previous exaltation. They then went to the eclipses tomb system. They ran into a third circle demon.

Lost sector, crystal spire, and demons.

Exp. 7. Total 95
The group explored the list sector and found Pheonix fire station. As well as information on the Star Marshals. Then they found the crystal spire and “destroyed” a second circle demon that lived within. They reset the AI to have to ward off the Wyld corruption within it.

The three race and the mountain

Experience 5. Total 88

The group finished their deplomacy with the three races and decided the manses and stuff to the people their Felicity stayed in order to maintain the peace.

They have entered the mountain and met a sidereal of secrets Shinning Jade

The gained knowledge about Raul. And some other things including their names from a previous age.

The ships in a gas giant

Exp 3. Total 83

The group explored the two ships in a gas giant of 529-7.

The conflict of 529

Exp 5 total 80

The group met the plant and rodent race and the people that are fighting over control of 529- 7

Stat of game

Exp total 75


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